Why Traveling is Like Pool Cleaning

To say that traveling and pool cleaning is the same might be far-fetched, but really, these two activities are similar. Here are the two things that make them the same:

They’re great for your physical health


Traveling from one town or country to another can be a form of workout. You usually tour by foot when you’re in a new place because it’s the best way to get the most out of that location, right? Well, the good news is that walking, biking, even running around a new town or tourist spot can keep your body in a healthy condition. That’s because those three activities are excellent cardiovascular exercises. Traveling can keep your muscles and bones strong. The same goes for pool cleaning. This activity enables you to carry your robotic pool cleaner at least twice a week, go around the pool to check for damages and leaks, and so on. Even by just distributing the cable of your robotic pool cleaner around your pool can be a workout for your biceps and triceps. And if you’re using manual cleaners like skimmers, hand brushes, and the like, that it’ll benefit your physical body even more! Then, after cleaning your pool, you can take a short shower (to remove the sweat and dirt you got from cleaning of course) then dip yourself in the pool. And swimming is obviously a healthy way of exercising too. Seriously, pool cleaning has a lot to offer for your physical health.

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They’re good for your mental health


The second similarity is the advantage they can do for your mind. Pool cleaning can help you have peace of mind knowing that no debris or bacteria is waiting to ruin your swimming time. Besides, looking at a clean pool can calm you because water has that refreshing attribute that’s just incomparable. A spotless pool can help you relax and would make you want to swim more. And believe me; that’s a good thing.

Traveling is also a guaranteed stress-relieving activity. It can help you have an optimistic attitude and a rejuvenated mind. Looking at nature during your trips can calm you down and help you destress. Traveling can release feel-good hormones in the body, making sure you get the chill pill you deserve. This is why people travel as much as they can.