Top 8 Things to See and Do in Podgorica


If you are visiting Montenegro’s capital Podgorica, here are some of the things to see and do that you might not want to miss.

1. Take a walk over the historic Ribnica Bridge and enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding scenery

2. See the Hram Hristog Vaskrsenja, also known as the Cathedral Of The Resurrection Of Christ, and marvel at its impressive stoneworks

3. Visit the Centre of Contemporary Art and take a leisurely stroll at the gardens

4. Stroll around the old town and explore the old shopping district with its wide array of shops and restaurants

5. Take a tour of the Plantaze Winery, explore the Plantaze’s Sipcanik wine cellar, and take your pick of wine tasting options available

6. Go horseback riding or a leisurely horse trek at the Mountain Riders Ranch located roughly 15 minutes away from Podgorica

7. Explore the Duklija Ruins 5 kilometers out of Podgorica

8. Check out the stores, souvenirs, and other items at some of the best shopping destinations like Capital Plaza, Delta City, and Mall of Montenegro