Cutting Expenses, Cutting Pipes

Let’s be honest. Traveling can be a costly activity. Well, it’s only expensive if you don’t know these tips. So, to save money, cut your expenses as you would cut pipes using tools found in

Free, free, free

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Look for activities that are free. C’mon. Don’t be lazy. Do your research. Skip the activities or places that have extremely (and unreasonable) expensive entrance fees and go someplace else where you can have a lot of fun without having to spend a single dime. You could even go on a self-guided tour after familiarizing yourself with the places you’ll visit. Some museums also have discounted admission at a particular time of day, so if you can’t find a free activity, then opt for discounted ones.


Book a room with a kitchen area and cook! Don’t tell me you don’t have the time! You can always make time if you really want to save some money. Cook while on a vacay, and you’ll have more money than expected when you go home.

Shop at local stores


When shopping for food, purchase from local stores or farmers’ markets. The prices are lower there compared to other places. Plus, there’s more variety, and the food is fresher. Trust me; it’ll save you a considerable amount of money.

Stay in a central location

Book a room that’s in the middle of the city or is easily accessible from malls, subways, hospitals, and stores. One trick is to stay in a place where you can easily walk your way to your destinations. Walking won’t just save you money; it’ll even make you healthier!

Choose an average room

You don’t need to get the best room there is especially if you’re not even going to stay in it for the entire day! Base your decision on the amount of time you’ll actually be spending in the room and if you really need the extra space and those fancy amenities. It’s just like choosing a pipe threading machine—you don’t have to get the fanciest one if you don’t need all its fancy features.

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Carry food and water with you

drink-some-refreshing-water-361x544Another way to avoid spending a lot is to bring snacks and water with you. Exploring a city may be a bit tiring, so you’ll need to reenergize. Carry your own bottle of water, and you’ll be surprised by how much money you’ve saved at the end of the day. One more thing: Don’t buy food and water near tourist spots—they intentionally price their products higher.

Stick to your budget

Plan your budget and follow it! Yes, you should treat yourself when you travel, but make sure you don’t end up penniless before heading home!